Our Method


Using a spray extraction machine the carpet pile is injected with special non-foaming detergent-carrying hot water under pressure so that the soil in the carpet is loosened and suspended in the water. This water is then extracted almost immediately by a high suction wet vacuum system. Carpets take approximately 5 to 8 hours to dry, depending on ventilation and pile thickness.
Routine Cleaning: Regular cleaning and maintenance of carpets is essential to retain a good appearance and prolong the life span of a carpet. Good vacuum cleaners are essential. In addition to the normal domestic vacuum cleaners special heavy duty brush-type vacuum cleaners are available which extract the dirt and dust particles from the carpet by a sucking and brushing action. It is important to ascertain when purchasing heavy-duty vacuum cleaners that they are height adjustable so that maximum efficiency can be obtained for use with carpets of differing pile density and height. Another part of routine cleaning should be the removal of stains and marks. These may generally be removed by relatively simple means such as the use of clean warm water to which (for wools) a very small amount of white vinegar is added and for synthetics a very small amount of household aqueous ammonia. This will remove most day-to-day soil and dirt including that found in the office environment – most carpet problems emanate from the use of too much cleaning detergent and the consequent difficulty of removing the same once the carpet has dried. It should be compared to the difficulty of cleaning a wine glass without rinsing.
Recommendations: A cleaning program, including routine maintenance & steamcleaning, should be put in place for all carpets & upholstery. Each situation is different. The following table suggests frequency of maintenance.

Spills & Spots: Treat immediately as they occur
Vacuuming: At least once per week, more frequently for eating areas and other high usage areas like a favourite chair or room.
Steamcleaning: Should be considered every 6 to 12 months. Even in the case of low use areas like a spare bedroom or a lounge suite that is seldom used.
Under normal conditions 70% of Carpet & Upholstery soiling is airborne. Just think of the dust that collects on top of cupboards, bookcases or the fridge if not dusted or wiped regularly. The same dust settles on carpets & furniture.